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Welcome to Infocare Agriculture Multistate Co-Operative Society Ltd.

IAMCS consistently works on the socio-economic model of agriculture, which helps the farmers to organize, promote and develop agricultural and marketing activities. This is a collective effort to carry out organized agricultural and farming activities in addition to the marketing activities of agricultural produce, in order to support the farmers and agriculturist to get handsome returns for all the hard work and agricultural produce which they grow all the year round from time to time. Starting from land procurement, to seed supply, to crop cultivation, to distribution of agriculture produce etc. IAMCS primarily focuses on the highest standards of farming and cultivation of crops by using ultra modern agro methods and better techniques which results in higher yield of crop and at the same promotes industrialized agriculture.

Our Involvements:

Our purpose of all agribusiness activities are focused to support and compliment all our farmer members at every step they undertake. Our IAMCS society is dedicated to the upliftment of agricultural standards, at the same time complimenting the rural development in India and to help our co-farmers and peasants to increase their agricultural productivity and prosperity with its efforts. Following are the activities that IAMCS carries out efficiently:

»To facilitate, coordinate and promote agricultural and marketing activities among the farmers of its operational geographical area.

»To undertake R&D activities in segments of agriculture products and produce.

»To assist its farmer members in trading and selling activities of the agriculture produce to the procurement agencies at better rates, not only this IAMCS grooms its co-peasants, to handle the buying and selling process of agricultural produce effectively.

»To provide assistance, training, seminar workshops and education to its members regarding agriculture and horticulture techniques

»To undertake marketing research and providing assistance to its co-farmers in every possible manner.

»To acquire, sell or purchase agricultural lands in the areas of its operations, to arrange modern fixtures and upgraded vehicles for the purpose.

»To empower the farmers with quality agricultural products such as seeds, irrigation facilities, fertilizers, manure, agricultural implements and machinery etc.

»To arrange suitable premises space, for the storage of grains or for other purposes such as processing, packing etc.

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